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One of the most common questions we get asked is what to do with a loved ones ashes once the funeral service is completed. 

Below we have detailed some options, however this is not an exhaustive list and we are happy to help where we can to ensure the final resting place for your loved one is done in the most dignified way possible. 

Burial of Ashes

Many people choose to have the ashes of a loved one buired in a grave within in a public or church cemetery. 

We are happy to arrange for this to be done at a location of your choosing which could be the Kendal Cemetery, many church yards in the local area or further afield. We can also liase with the appropriate authorities on your behalf to ensure the interment goes smoothly and the ashes are laid to rest in a dignified manner. 

We are also happy to advise on stonemasons where needed to arrange for a  memorial to be laid if required. 

Scattering Ashes

The law on scattering ashes in the UK is fairly relaxed. There is nothing explicit in the legislation to stop people scattering ashes over land or water. However, you do need the landowner’s permission.

The webiste Scattering Ashes has a useful guide to permissions and land owners which you may find useful. We stock a range of suitable containers for scattering which we will be happy to arrange for you as well as advising or arranging a scattering ceremony. 

Memorial Jewellery

There are many options avaliable for those who wish to wear jewellery containing part of a loved one. These range in price and complexity. 

Some jewellery which we hold in stock, contains a small compartment for a loved ones ashes to be placed inside. Others use advanced technologies to incorporate them into glass or made into diamonds before they become a wearable piece. 

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