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Unattended Services

Our Unattened Service offers a dignified and cost effective solution to arranging a funeral where no one wishes to attend. These funerals are becoming increasingly popular and allow families the freedom to celebrate someones passing in less traditonal ways or to meet someones last wishes for a very simple send off.

It includes:

  • Making all necessary arrangements for a cremation / burial without mourners present and providing professional advice
  • Removal of the deceased to our pricate chapel of rest within a 25-mile radius within normal working hours
  • Provision of a coffin of our choosing and conveyance by a suitable vehicle direct to a local cemetery or crematorium
  • Providing all neccesary staff 
  • All necessary disbursements

As part our unattended package there is no provision for mourners made. The date and time of the burial or cremation would be set by us, you would be informed of our choice however no mourners would be able to attend. If you wish to be present at the cemetery or crematorium a Simple Service may be more appropriate. 


  Funeral Directors Fees Disbursements Total Cost
Unattended Burial in a New Grave at Parkside Road Cemetery £1,300 £1,610 £2,910
Unattended Cremation at a Crematoria of our choice £825 £375 £1,582


This option while still exceeding the minimum standards set out by our federations, does not allow for personalisation options. If you have a specific request feel free to contact us where we will be happy to discuss this with you. 

Please get in touch where  a member of the team will be happy to provide you with a tailored estimate taking into account your personal circumstances. 


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